Watch Dog Service

Leaving a home for a season, year, or longer?  HPM can help make owning a house in the lakes region care free. We make sure your house is secure, and that potential problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently.
– Entire home walk-through

-Heating system and fuel tank level check

– Secure all doors and windows

– Inspect for moisture and rodent problems

– Test all GFCI outlets

– Test Pilot Lights and pipes

– Flush toilets, run faucets and showers

– Check air conditioner/heating settings on thermostat(s)

– Check refrigerator, freezer, and wine cooler temps

– Ensure all gates and out-buildings are locked (garage, boat house, sheds, etc.)

– Check crawl spaces for moisture and insect/rodent

– Check all lights and replace bulbs as necessary

– Check generator,transfer switch and breakers to make sure system is functioning properly

– Water plants as needed and/or ensure automatic sprinkler systems are working

– Maintain key for service employees when needed

-Snow removal/sanding/magic salt

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